Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday!

I'm linking up with the above for today's Ten on Tuesday!

1. What is a food that you never thought you would try, but then tried and liked?
Bell pepper, I never thought the day would come that I would eat a bell pepper!

2. Do you subscribe to any foodie publications? If so, which ones?  
Yes, Every Day with Rachael Ray

3. What ingredient do you find yourself reaching for the most when you cook?
I guess salt and pepper...I don't really know. 

4. Are there any foods that you hated as a child, but then learned to like as an adult?
Like I said in #1, bell pepper. Oh and onions. 

5. What do you like to eat that others may consider weird? 
Pizza dipped in ketchup and ranch mixed together, mixing my honey mustard and ketchup together and dipping my fries in it...
6. What is the weirdest ingredient you’ve ever cooked with?
I don't think I cook with weird ingredients...

7. Do you have any major food allergies?
Strawberries and kiwis. 

8. Is there an ingredient that you would like to cook with, but are intimidated to try?
Garlic...I know this seems like such a simple ingredient but I either put wayyy too much or not enough...I can't ever get it right...

9. Do you bake?
Yes! I love to bake, especially from scratch.

10.  If you could go on any “foodie” show to compete, which one would it be, and why?
I don't think I'd necessarily want to compete on a show but I'd love to go on Paula Deen's cooking show!
I love me some Paula Deen!!

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