Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend {Recap}

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! I know I sure did! On Friday, me and Olivia went to my parent's house and dyed eggs with my sister and her 3 kids. We dyed SO many eggs but we had a blast! After we dyed them, we, of course, hid them for the kids.
Saturday was a day of rest, if you will. We had a family day, just myself, my husband and Olivia. It was so nice and relaxing to stay home and do nothing but play on Olivia's new waterslide. We had so much fun. 
Sunday we got up and went to church at 10. After church we came home and played on the waterslide some more, y'all she loves it!! We had a late lunch with my husband's side of the family and came back home and grilled some steaks (which were delish!) and we got ready for the week ahead. 
Ready to go to Nana & Papa's house to dye some eggs!

Me & my sister

Me & Livi

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