Thursday, June 9, 2011

Myrtle Beach Recap

So, yes I realize I am a few days behind on this recap but whatever, here goes...
Miranda and I were scheduled to leave my house around 9 Friday morning to head to Myrtle Beach. Both of our husbands left Thursday evening around 6:30 so Miranda stayed at my house because I'm a scaredy cat and I was too afraid to stay by myself. So around midnight Miranda decided to try and get some sleep, meanwhile I'm in my bedroom crying my eyeballs out because I missed my husband already packing and making sure I wasn't forgetting anything. Well around 1am I hear a little knock on my door, it was Miranda, she said she couldn't sleep, and I hadn't even thought about sleep so we sat on my bed like a bunch of 12 year old girls at a sleepover staying up past 11pm for the first time. Well after talking for a few minutes we decided to go ahead and leave and we would stay in Charleston and drive the rest of the way the next morning. So off we went, and it was fun for about an hour and a half...Miranda decided to sleep in the back and I was driving. Well I had the air on full blast and I had smoked so many cigarettes just trying to stay awake so I pulled off the interstate to look for a hotel. Every hotel was wayyy too much money for just a couple hours of sleep. So we tried just one more hotel, it was only $60, perfect! Ha, I wish!! You know the saying, you get what you pay for? Case in point...this looked like something out of a murder movie. So we circle the hotel looking for a parking spot and then we both look at each other and decide that we are not gonna stay there. So I walk back in the office and make up a lie ask if I can get my money back, and thank you Jesus he gave it back to me. So I get back in the car and we were off to MB, yet again. We finally arrive at 5:30am and obviously it's too early to check in to the hotel so we park in a Wal-mart parking lot and try and get some sleep, what a joke that was! After laying in the back of my car for a total of 2 5 minutes I get back in the drivers seat and head for the hotel. Thankfully they gave me a parking pass and told us at the earliest we could check in at 11am. So we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and checked out a few sights then went back to the hotel. It was only 9am so we laid by the pool for a couple of hours and at 11:30 we were finally checked into our room! We freshened up a bit and headed to the pizza place within the hotel for some lunch. After that we went back to the pool and enjoyed daiquiri's and beer. After that we went back up to the room and showered and got ready for dinner. This is only day 1....
Saturday morning we woke up and had some breakfast and went back to the pool for more daiquiri's and beer and sun. Same thing, showered then dinner. Sunday we woke up and we were both very anxious to get home to our hubby's and babies so we left MB around 9:30 and made it home around 1:30. 
All in all it was a very relaxing trip, I'm so glad we had to opportunity to do this and I can't wait for next year! :)

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