Friday, September 6, 2013

Corey Smith Concert

Can I just say I had a freakin blast last night?! OMG, SO much fun!! 
We got to the civic center a little early and a local radio station was doing a corn hole contest and the prize was meet & greets. I begged my husband to play, you only had to get 2 out of 4  bags in and he did! The other couple we went with also won, it was so neat! 

So the radio station people put us and about 12 other people in this back room and in walked Corey Smith. So awesome!

He's so tall!

Hubs and I with Corey!

The couple in the pink and blue on the left are who we went with. 

He is so nice and down to earth!

Waiting on the show to start...not sure why my husband looks like he just saw a ghost and I'm also not sure why we look like devil children with our eyes. 

He sang every song that we knew so that made it that much more fun. Our personal favorites are If I Could Do It AgainCarolina21 and Maybe Next Year.

Our little Olivia also loves Corey Smith, she knows every word to the songs above so we got him to sign this for her:

Oh and those beauties I blogged about yesterday...I swear I was thisclose to leaving them in downtown Savannah. My feet are definitely paying for it today...OUCH!!

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