Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Five

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A couple of weeks ago I went with Olivia and her K-5 class to the pumpkin patch. We had the greatest time! Love, love, love this time of year! 
Duck race!

My sweet girl :)

She said "Mom, I found the perfect one!" 
I found this cute little pumpkin decorating kit and here's how she decorated her "perfect" pumpkin:

We live next door to my husband's sweet 85 year old grandmother. Home girl works harder than anyone I've ever known, she walks 5+ miles every day, never misses a church service, and volunteers every Friday afternoon at our local thrift store. Anyways, her and Olivia are seriously BFF, every day when we get home from work/school Olivia begs to go to Grandmother's house and if she doesn't Grandmother will call me and ask why Olivia isn't there. It's seriously the cutest thing. Well last weekend Olivia went up to her house and Grandmother was doing some yard work and I snapped the sweetest picture of them. 

 Love that they get to spend so much time together :)

Since the weather has finally started cooling down a little we've been having fires in the evening. It's so nice to be able to relax at the end of a long day, and what better way than by sitting by a fire? Here are some pics I snapped last night while we were sitting outside:
This poor, patient, precious dog. This is Dixie, and she puts up with Olivia's shenanigans, like the one pictured 

LOVE these two! Seriously, all I did was carry this child for 9 months, she looks just like her daddy :)

Not really sure about this one? She said, "mom, take a bunch of pictures of me while I bust a move!" 

Then right before bed I got this cute little picture of Olivia watching some TV
Olivia and our 4th family member, Chloe. You have to look hard to see her but she's there.

Loving these pinterest finds:
So cute with leggings or skinnies! 

Ha! Ain't that the truth! 

I would  totally wear this out!

I'll leave you with this :)
My sweet girl in her grandma gown and bed head!

 Have a good weekend all! We are off to the pumpkin patch (again!) tomorrow and will be decorating our pumpkins and watching football.

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