Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Days 8 & 7

Eight fears:

1) Losing my family &/or friends suddenly

2) Severe weather (ie: tornadoes, thunderstorms, hurricanes...)

3) Animals (as discussed in my 10 secrets) but I'll elaborate a little. Mostly animals that can harm me. Snakes; big, mean dogs; bees; wasps

4) Dying a tragic death

5) Being rear-ended 

6) Being stranded with no cell phone or other communication

7) Being robbed 

8) Losing my home, not necessarily the material things in our house but just our house in general. 


Seven wants:

Tiffany Bubbles Ring

2) Dodge Challenger SRT8

3) Cooler weather. I'm sure I'll be praying for June come January but this summer has been rough!!

4) A new wardrobe. I feel like I wear the same things every week!

5) A vacation back to the cabin me and my husband went on our honeymoon

6) Kristen embossed python  flap satchel from Coach

7) Money. I know this is SO cliche. I don't want to be a millionaire I just want to be able to live comfortably and not have to stress over bills, but then again who doesn't??

And I'm not really sure why my caption box is so big...

Monday, August 29, 2011

10 Day Challenge--Day 9

9 Loves:

1) My husband. The father of my child, my provider, my rock. I love this man more than life itself. Even though it's not always rainbows and unicorns I can't imagine my life without him.

I also love him because he helps me do crazy things like this:

And because he's the best dad in the world :)

2) My sweet little Livi. The greatest surprise I've ever been blessed with. This little girl has me and her daddy wrapped around her little finger. Even though she was a surprise I can NOT imagine life without her. 

3) Family. I think this is a given for most people. Without my family I wouldn't have anything.  If I didn't have my mom, dad & sister I wouldn't be the woman I am today.

Me, my dad, my mom & my sister
My sister & me
My mom & me

4) My friends<--this needs no explanation, right?!

Not the best picture but here's Miranda & I
 I met Miranda through our husbands. We did not really "click" at first but thank goodness that changed! 
Bree & I
I met Bree in school. We both went to the same small private school in our hometown. She moved to Florida right after we graduated high school but we are still VERY VERY close.

5) Clemson football.

6) Fall weather

7) Country music

8) Sleep. I could literally sleep 12+ hours a night and take a nice long nap during the day. I love, love love to sleep and any of you mama's out there know that when you have a kid(s) sleep doesn't always happen. I was just telling a friend of mine, even though my Olivia is 3 years old I'm still not caught up on all my sleep. 

9) Jesus Christ, who made the ultimate sacrifice for me, knowing I would fail him daily.

Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Day Challenge

I've seen this little 10 day challenge floating around bloggy land and I decided I'd jump on the bandwagon so here goes day 1!

10 Secrets:

1)  I hate trying to come up with things to blog about, but I am obsessed with reading other people's blogs.

2) I am a scardey cat when it comes to animals-big time! I am afraid of most dogs, pretty much all cats, all bugs, creatures, insects, lizards--you name it, I'm scared of it!

3) I hate being alone.period. No matter what the situation is, I don't like being alone, whether it be at home, or going places, I'd much rather be with people.

4) Every day when my husband gets home from work we drink a beer together. It's just our time to kind of talk about our day and spend some time together. When the little one is staying the night off we usually have 24 more than 1 ;) 

5) I miss having short hair but I know as soon as I cut it I'll miss my long hair. Lose-lose situation...

6) With that being said, I did just cut my own hair for the first time. It was only 2 inches but hey, anything was better than what it looked like before. I was on the verge of looking like this:

7) I want to do a VLOG but have NO clue what the topic would be.

8) I have ZERO self asteem, I've tried working on it but it hasn't happened yet. I've been this way ever since I can remember.

9) When I was little I always wanted to live, literally, in my parents front yard. Now that I'm older I could slap my little 10 year old self upside the head. Don't get me wrong, I love my family more than life itself but honestly, my parents would drive me up the wall.

10) Also when I was little I was apparently obsessed with writing my name all over everything. I wrote my name on my grandpa's truck with a stick and even spelled it wrong, Emliy. I also wrote it on my babysitter's house, seriously WTF was wrong with me??

So there you have it, 10 secrets about little ole me!
Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Lovin!

I am SO glad this week is half way over with. I just love the weekends (duh, doesn't everyone?!) 
Go link up with Jamie and tell us what you're loving today!

I'm *loving* that tonight is date night! Me and the hubs haven't had one of these in a very long time, it's way overdue, so I'm very much so looking forward to tonight!

I'm *loving* that my friend decided to start a blog! She had a precious baby boy almost 8 (!) weeks ago and she is blogging all about him, which is such a great idea, that way she won't forget any little things that have and will happen. Blaine is the sweetest little boy! Go show Bree some love! 

I'm *loving* my latest Pinterest finds:
Yes, please!

So sweet :)

Now that I have a child, this is SO true!
Happy Humpday everyone!!